The Zamin System

“‘We have no more need for the gods,’ Amokh declared. The chamber went silent. ‘Dahhak created the oceans to cover the nakedness of the earth. We create worlds to serve as waystations. Jamshir brought the world light to drive back the forces of evil. We ignite and snuff stars to suit our tastes. Whatever powers the gods had has been superseded by man.’”
- History of Saang, Chapter MIVCV

“A haughty spirit goeth before a fall, and pride before destruction.”
- Scripture of Atjur, Book 32, Chapter 2, Verse 7

Planets (Percent Habitable)

  • Mira (93)
    • Sohrab (17)
    • Rostin (75)
  • Dahhak (82)
    • Sheifal (35)
    • Niis(88)
  • Jamshir (0)

Technology: -1 (Exploring the System)
Environment: 3 (Multiple habitable worlds)
Resources: -2 (Multiple dependencies)

Now in a desperate struggle for its very survival, the Zamin system was at one point one of the most prosperous systems of the Saang empire. Once of the most powerful force in the known galaxy, the Saang spread over countless hundreds of systems, using the power of the gods to exploit the stars themselves. The galaxy seemed to be theirs for the taking. No one is sure what happened, exactly. Some claim that the gods struck them down for their hubris, others, that it was a failed attempt to harness an alien organism for use as a bioweapon. Others still profess that it was an attempt to rewrite the laws of the universe itself that led to their destruction. What is known, though, is the result. Within a few years, the entire Saang empire had collapsed, with trade, immigration, even communication between systems ending abruptly. Many of the worlds once inhabited by the Saang were reduced to cosmic rubble or made uninhabitable. The Zamin system escaped relatively unscathed. However, technology levels fell to near pre-spaceflight levels as the vast resources needed for most advanced Saang technology was unavailable

Then came the Swarms. It began on Jamshir, devouring out all life on the planet in a matter of months. Those who managed to escape in time fled to the other worlds of the Zamin system, bringing with them the seeds of the Swarm. Soon, every planet in the system was infected. Some of the seeds would spread immediately, some would lay dormant for years, even decades. Researchers soon discovered that it was possible to keep the Swarms at bay by pumping a compound mixture of elements known as “The Sand” into the atmosphere. The ritual of mining and dispersing the compound throughout the atmosphere of the planets became a centerpiece of the religious life of Zamin. Unfortunately, much of the naturally-occurring ingredients to the compound in the Zamin system had been mined out centuries prior. It looked as though the entirety of Zamin was doomed, when a ship bearing the standard of Szuba-Tai Bioindustrial Solutions landed on Mira. Desirous of the untold wealth contained in the ruins of the Saang, Szuba-Tai representatives struck a deal with the high priests of Zamin. In exchange for a yearly amount of material, Szuba-Tai would receive exclusive rights to mine (more accurately, to raid) Saang ruins, as well as a yearly “tax” of ten thousand men and women from each planet for use as labor. At several points in the past, when relations between Szuba-Tai and Zamin have become strained, shipments have been delayed or arrived with small impurities, leading to thousands of deaths.


  • Tribute to the Corporate Dragon
    • Every year, each planet in the Zamin system must pay a token tribute to Szuba-Tai of ten thousand able-bodied men and women to ensure the continued delivery of “Compound 36”. This has engendered massive resentment against Szuba-Tai.


  • Graveyard of an Empire
    • As one of the foremost systems of the Saang Empire, Zamin contains untold numbers of T4-level ruins. Even the smallest piece of technology from the Saang is worth a small fortune. Although Szuba-Tai theoretically has exclusive access to the remains of the Saang, enterprising Triads (particularly the Three Brothers and the Eternal Wheel) as well as countless independent wildcat operations have carved small niches of their own.
  • Funforeseen Consequences
    • Centuries of continuous upending of the laws of nature have bitten Zamin in the ass. At random, small pockets of spacetime will manifest anomalous properties, such as the weak nuclear force “turning off,” or all light from an object being suddenly emitted as gamma radiation.

The Zamin System

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