The Sceptri System


Technology: 3
Environment: -2
Resources: -3


Sceptri is an old star, not yet entering its red giant phase. The Sceptri system consists of three planets and their moons. Moro is a small world scorched by its extreme proximity to its parent star. Shalah, a large blue-green gas giant, is located farthest from Sceptri. The seat of civilization in the Sceptri system is the world of Promana, although its noxious atmosphere and dangerous surface conditions mean that any and all settlement on the world is located beneath the surface. An overwhelming majority of Promani live on colossal orbital space stations called Shoals, which are clustered throughout the skies of Promana, Shalah, and their moons. The largest and wealthiest of the Shoals are located closest to Promana. This includes the massive and illustrious Shoal 1, also called the Crescent due to its distinctive shape, which houses the Promani parliament, the Conclave. Other notable features of the Sceptri system include the headquarters of Szuba-Tai Bioindustrial Solutions, also located on the Crescent.


The Sceptri System

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