The High Prelate System

“And on this day, may the gods deem fit to make our eyes keen, our backs strong, and our offerings plentiful for the pious labors we perform. To the deities above, we pray, Szuba-Tai.”
-The Arch-Bishop Victus to his congregation of thousands.

Tech: 0
Environment: -1
Resources: +3

Narrow- The Ignorant Masses
Narrow- Exclusivity Clause
Broad- The Treasure Trove of The Universe

The slave system of High Prelate carries the unique distinction of being completely unaware of it’s plight. Their slip-faring slave masters at the Szuba-Tai corperation, long since assuming the guise of gods, selfishly keep the knowledge of their advanced technology and the other systems to themselves. The people slave under their “deities” with zealous devotion, wishing to appease the gods made flesh.

While High Prelate exhibits the capability to create space-faring vessels, they only do so with the strict and often subversive instruction of their Szuba-Tai “gods”. The unprivileged masses of High Prelate live in the trappings of medieval poverty, with the odd family rising above their peers as lords or kings, though all bend knee to the gods. The common folk are allowed the luxury of metallurgy to forge their tools, weapons, and armor, so sure are the Szuba-Tai overlords in the superiority of their technology.

High Prelate, as the planet goes, is not overtly hostile in nature. The air is breathable, the water and fertile land is plentiful. The danger comes from Szuba-Tai’s strict quarantine on the planet and the often violently xenophobic populace.


  • The over-abundance of “Glissnium” (GL), a naturally occurring compound crucial in the function of Slipstream engines, is easily gathered by way of High-Prelate’s medieval technology and inhumane labor standards.
  • Inviolum”, is a reflective, yellow metal that possesses the sturdiness of titanium, and tensile strength far surpassing most of it’s metallic peers. The only caveat is the extremely conductive nature of this metal, which makes it vulnerable to severing and shattering when introduced to high heat. Used primarily in personal armaments and structural support (and plate mail, of course).
  • Water and land are, of course, always welcome exports. High Prelate has plenty of both, and everything in-between.

The High Prelate System

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