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“Bringing the Stars Closer.”

Szuba-Tai Bioindustrial Solutions is an interstellar engineering corporation based in The Sceptri System. Originally named Szuba-Tai Aeronautics, the company initially dealt in the design and manufacture of starcraft and machinery for extra-terrestrial operation. Two hundred years ago, the company underwent a radical change in direction and, still keeping their original focus on stellar engineering, began to branch into the fields of cybernetics, nanotechnology, and biomechanical augmentation, to astounding success. The firm now operates out of its home system of Sceptri, and has also met with great success in bringing its services and employment opportunities to The Zamin System. Amid hesitant negotiations that have continued over the last fifty years, company spokespersons have reported that they are making “encouraging progress” in talks with The Kronin System as well. The company now produces an astonishing array of products and incorporates multiple vertical and horizontal monopolies, which has lead to the creation of a vast array of products that have enriched the lives of those in the Sceptri system. Among the many notable breakthroughs spearheaded by the Szuba-Tai Corporation are the Shoals, the enormous space stations that house a majority of the inhabitants of the Sceptri system, the historic Asa Mark I Cruiser, the galaxy’s first Slipstream-capable ship, as well as the Pathfinder I Glissnium Drive, the groundbreaking original Slipstream engine on which all subsequent models (also products of Szuba-Tai) have been based. Advances in biomechanics have included numerous cybernetic implants that have greatly advanced the medical sciences.


The firm has been extraordinarily long-lived, boasting a history of over four hundred and seventy-five years. Its creation is thought to coincide with the theorized date of colonization of the Sceptri system. Details concerning the formation of the Szuba-Tai corporation are somewhat vague, and there are a number of conflicting reports and theories concerning its foundation. Some theorize that the company’s name refers to the name of its original founder or founders, while others speculate that the name derives from one or more planets or starships from which the original Sceptri colonists arrived. Whatever its origins, it is often said that the history of the Sceptri system is the history of Szuba-Tai, and it remains to this day, enriching lives throughout the cluster.

Corporate Structure:

Szuba-Tai’s massive scale precludes organization along the more familiar templates of a smaller corporation. The known structure of Szuba-Tai centers around massive Divisions, each large enough to be a superconglomerate unto itself. Each Division is headed by a Director, who oversees and coordinates the work of the Regional Managers who work under him or her. These Regional Managers in turn oversee the work of their division within their assigned sector. Szuba-Tai Corporation’s numerous Divisions include Primary Aerospace R&D, Secondary Aerospace R&D, Cybernetics R&D, Biomechanics and Augmentation R&D, Szuba-Tai Pharmaceuticals, Szuba-Tai Consumer Electronics, Domestic Solutions R&D, The Pr?el#!e*[DATA CORRUPTED]*@&ivi%^##, and the Division of Educational Initiatives.

The sheer size of the corporate Divisions and the high degree of autonomy afforded to the Directors had led, on at least two known occasions, to incidents of infighting on a scale that can only be referred to as intra-corporate warfare.

The organization of the upper echelons of Szuba-Tai Corporation is not well known. No doubt due to the need for corporate secrecy, the public list of individual names occupying positions within the corporation does not extend above Regional Manager. Above this level, only the names of certain extant positions are known, including Directors, Vice-Executive Overseers, and Executive Overseers. The nature and organization of Szuba-Tai’s leadership is not publicly known. It is unknown whether the corporation has a single chief executive officer, or instead operates under some manner of executive board. Leaked company communications make reference to a ###%&&[DATA CORRUPTED]##, which has led some to theorize thT###!&@.

Szuba-Tai Bioindustrial Solutions

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