Flame of Gao Dang

V Shift: 4
Beam: 3
Trade: 2

Frame: [][][]
Data: [][][]
Heat: [][][]


  • Slip Drive
  • Skeleton Crew
  • Civilian


  • Revolving Plates
    • Every two to three days, the ship registration number (SRN) for the Flame of Gao Dang is reset. The new SRN is randomly chosen from a pool of several thousand ships of similar makes and models. Of course, this can make keeping track of various SRNs exceedingly difficult.
  • Blacker Than The Blackest Black Times Infinity
    • Plated with a radar-absorbing alloy and painted dark blue, the Flame of Gao Dang is designed to be difficult to find in space both electronically and visually. Tag for a +2 to navigation.
  • “Little Red Button”
    • The Flame of Gao Dang was built with speed in mind, with all other concerns, such as guns, armor, and life support systems, taking a back seat. A fate point can be spent to boost the Gao Dang’s V-Shift to +2.

Flame of Gao Dang

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