Chancellor Hephaestus Kentos

“A man without drive is not truly a man”
-Malphaeus Markos, Rachmanni philosopher

The revolution had begun seven hours ago. A small contingent of rioters from Quarter 7 took shelter in a basement to tend to wounded, eat, and rest. No sign of Aleister; presumed captured.

A boy, no more than 12, sat mesmerized as Savern gave him a lesson on using the group’s one weapon, an old Maelstrom6 shotgun. They all prayed none of the training was necessary.

The door burst from its hinges. Muzzle blast lit the room. The boy’s parents, armed with nothing more than protest signs, were cut down in a hail of slugs.

The boy spotted the Maelstrom on the ground, Savern’s hand still gripping the trigger. Gently placing the hand aside, he lifted the gun to his shoulder, and fired. A riot trooper fell. He squeezed the trigger again. Another fell. A few more shots, and none remained.

No time to shed a tear. The boy walked outside. In the dim streetlights, a man could be seen fleeing into an alley. Aleister. He’d given then up.

Hephaestus checked the gun. One cartridge left.


Forged by hatred, Hephaestus Kentos is a man who shows no quarter. To Kentos, overwhelming force is the one and only method of conflict resolution.

Kentos made a name for himself as a lieutenant during the Trellam Incursion. Sent to Trellam to disperse a group of Zamian Refugees attempting to terraform the planetoid, Kentos led a squad to destroy the refugee’s communications array before systematically wiping out every Zamian on Trellam under the auspices of that they might be harboring dormant Swarms. Though this suspicion was later proven to be unfounded, Kentos nonetheless received a commendation from Chancellor Vosell and a promotion for his efforts to protect Kronin at all costs.

Over the next few years Kentos continued to rise through the ranks of the Kronian Guard, and in an unprecedented move was given control of the Low Orbit Fleet at the age of 40. Kentos continued the build-up of the fleet, turning Kronian space into an array of batteries that could waylay a battlecruiser in seconds. Satisfied with his plan for defense against any external threat, Kentos began to urge Vosell to implement a system to defend against double-agents and threats from within. Though he would always hear Kentos out, Vosell would, time after time, inevitably decline Kentos’ ideas.

Ten years after giving Kentos the Low Orbit Fleet, Chancellor Vosell was in failing health. His wife Priscilla, an aide, Senator Prann, and Kentos were at Vosell’s side. As the highest ranking military official, Kentos was set to assume the Chancellorship, unless, as per the Directorate’s constitution, the current Chancellor specifically objected.

Quickly losing lucidity, Vosell uttered his last words for all in the room to hear: “Kentos… cannot.. be Chancellor.” A moment later, at 27:34 KST, 39th day of the year 8910 PE, Cadios Vosell was dead.

By 27:45 KST, Priscilla Vosell, Senator Prann, and the aide had followed.

Chancellor Hephaestus Kentos

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