The many different peoples of the many different systems of the galaxy use myriad methods of dating, but a common reference between all exists in the Post-Exodus dating system. This system measures time as solar years since the mass exodus from Earth. It is currently the year 8947 PE.

c. 7000 – Foundation of the Saang Empire

c. 8200 – Fall of the Saang Empire

8632 – The Saeclum Navis reaches Kronin

8757 – Massive deposits of tessilica are discovered on Kronin

8874 – Government of Kronin overthrown in The Prellus Revolution

8876 – Constitution for Kronian Directorate written, Cadios Vosell assumes Chancellorship

8882 – Prelatine native Oswald Erzweiss assumes the title “Lord of Whiterock” from his father: Traugott Erzweiss at the age of sixteen following the death of his two older brothers in territorial skirmishes

8910 – Cadios Vosell dies. Hephaestus Kentos assumes the Chancellorship of the Kronian Directorate

8911 – Zhang Li Dao born

8915 – Chaius Ordo born

8919 – Osric of Whiterock born

8947 – The Shoal 46 Massacre


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