S.T Mark II Anti-Materiel Carbine

Takes a bit to warm up, gentlemen, but what it hits-- by the gods it destroys!

weapon (ranged)

Harm- 3

Penetration – 3

Awkward Reload,
Molten Hot!

A T3 weapon developed by Szubo-Tai for neutralizing heavily armored vehicles (and on occasion people)— the Mk. II AM Carbine, or “Hot Rod Special”, is included standard in most squads of Section 8.

Inviolum rods are drum fed into the chamber of the weapon, where they are then heated by electrical charge and accelerated at a target via magnetic rail.

ALthough slow, the weapon is considered invaluable in hostile Shoal take-overs against unknown odds; the Mk. I making its debut in a terrorist incident aboard Shoal 77 in the year 8939, and the Mk. II being made available 6 years later.

More technically minded members of Section 8’s designated marksmen have been known to requisition custom stock, barrel, and sight modifications to convert the AMC Mk II. into a terrifying sniper rifle.


S.T Mark II Anti-Materiel Carbine

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