Aegis™ Mk XIV Power Armor

"Ain't much for subtlety, but it'll stop bullet an' bullet train alike."


Defense: 5

  • Civilian
  • Very Heavy
  • Out Of Juice
  • Servos
  • Game Face
  • Superconductor

Vulcan logo
“The Aegis™ Mk XIV Inviolum Power Armor is the latest in personal body armaments in the trusted Aegis line of power armor. Weighing in at under two-hundred and fifty pounds standard, the Mk XIV is the lightest powered armor on the market. With award-winning mobility, our patented 1.5 megawatt battery and ArticuMAX brand servos optimized for power conversion will ensure that wearing the Mk XIV armor will be like wearing a second skin, only more bulletproof. Looking to add your personal touch to your new armor? Every suit of Aegis™ power armor is made to order, so let our Armament Artisans™ create a stylish look to your liking without sacrificing any undue security to your well-being (or your bank account) free with purchase.

WARNING: The Aegis™ Mk XIV Inviolum Power Armor is intended use against, and nullification of ballistic, blunt, and edged weaponry only. Do not operate the Aegis™ Mk XIV armor in or around temperatures exceeding 200 °C, exposed electrical elements, heavy laser fire, or otherwise temperature and energy excessive areas. Neither Vulcan or ArticuMAX claim responsibility for injury or death sustained while operating the Aegis™ Mk XIV armor in these conditions."
-Vulcan Armory advertizement in the “Mechanist Monthly” holo-zine.

Aegis™ Mk XIV Power Armor

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