Zhang Li Dao


Zhang Li Dao (Fong Xiu)

Screw Destiny!
No Time For Space Bushido
“… And Trace Amounts of Urine”
A Mysterious Stranger!
Clean Slate
No Muss, No Fuss
I Get His Stuff!
Your Father’s Eyes
Anonymous Donations

5 Pilot
4 Brokerage Communications
3 Culture/Tech Computer Slug Thrower
2 Archaeology Agility Tactics Navigation
1 Languages Resolve Repair Assets Science

Health [ ] [ ] [ ]
Composure [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Wealth [ ] [ ] [ ]


  • Military-Grade Communications
  • Military-Grade Assets
  • Have A Thing: Flame of Gao Dang


  • Flak Jacket +2 armor
  • .38 Special (no serial number)

Zhang Li Dao was born thirty six years ago on Shoal 883 to Qing and Hong Xi Dao. The Dao’s, like many families on the Outer Shoals, followed the way of Ashak, which placed a strong emphasis on family and community, and a strict ban on contraception. Zhang was the fourth son and the tenth child overall born to Qing and Hong Xi, and his extended family numbered in the hundreds [Broodlings]. Like all Dao, Zhang had pale blue eyes [You Have Your Father’s Eyes].

Like his brothers and sisters, Zhang was expected to go to work as a pilot for Szuba-Tai, the main source of livelihood for those living in Shoal 883. However, Zhang bristled at the idea of having his life’s course laid out for him [Screw Destiny!]. Following graduation from Szuba-Tai Flight Academy, rather than applying for work on a shuttle, he fell in with a group of thugs working for the Golden Circle, a Triad based on nearby Shoal 849. His family, horrified that he would choose a life of crime over an honest living, immediately severed ties. At first, jobs were limited to looking out for Szuba-Tai patrols, but Zhang quickly rose to become the second-in-command, communications engineer,and pilot of the Caliban, a Golden Circle blockade runner and raider. During his time on the ship, he had the values of pragmatism (fighting dirty) and exploitation of unforeseen advantages (cheating) imprinted upon him [No Time For Space Bushido]. Piloting a raider often required constant alertness for days at a time. To cope with the pressures, both physical and psychological, Zhang began to make consistent use of high-grade stimulants, legal and otherwise [“Trace Amounts of Urine”]. Despite his strained relationship with the family, he made a point of anonymously sending a remittance of ten percent of his earnings to his family [Anonymous Donations].

One day, while passing through the Kronin system, the Caliban intercepted a coded communication signal from the Open Source Kronin organization, stating the time and place of a coming raid. Alerting Captain Dixon to the communication, Zhang suggested that rather than risking the wrath of the Kronish government, they relay the coordinates of the communication to them in exchange for passage through the Kronin system without the presence of a Watcher on board [No Muss, No Fuss]. Not wanting the near-legendary communication technology of the OSK to go to waste, he requested that their equipment be transferred to him upon the capture of the group [I Get His Stuff!]. The Kronish government agreed to both requests.

Several years later, the Caliban was chartered by a man going by the name of “Arelius Smithee” for passage for him and a fellow, unnamed passenger. In exchange for silence on the matter and no questions asked, Smithee agreed to a payment of ₮ 150,000,000. Despite Zhang’s misgivings [Mysterious Stranger] about the mysterious nature of the second passenger, Captain Dixon agreed. Two days from the destination, the Caliban was suddenly attacked by a half-dozen cloaked stealth ships. Despite his best efforts, the Caliban took several critical hits, include one that disabled the drive core. Realizing the imminent destruction of the Caliban, Zhang fled to an escape pod with as much of the communications equipment as he could carry. Moments after his escape pod launched, the Caliban was shot down, making an explosive crash landing on Shoal 451. Zhang’s escape pod landed several days later on Shoal 239. As far as anyone else knew, Zhang died along with the rest of the crew of the Caliban [A Clean Slate]. Shaving his head and adopting the name Fong Xiu, Zhang attempted to build a new life for himself. Using the cash from the previous assignment, he purchased a used Swallow-class cruiser and christened it the
Flame of Gao Dang.

Zhang Li Dao

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