0xE9B (Chaius Ordo)


5: Alertness
4: Slug Throwers—Intimidation
3: Stamina—Tactics—Gunner
2: Demolition—EVA—MicroG—Agility
1: Aircraft—Brawling—Communications—Vehicle—Repair

Health: [][][][][]
Wealth: [][][]

Military Grade Slug Throwers
Military Grade Alertness
Bullet Proof Armor

Chaius Ordo
5: Communications
4: Oratory—Computer
3: Alertness—Stealth—Resolve
2: Survival—Slug Throwers—Intimidation—Tactics
1: Agility—Vehicle—Medical—Demolition—Arts

Health: [][][]

Bullet Proof Armor
Military Grade Computer
Military Grade Communications

KG-157 Assault Rifle
Body Armor (2 def)
Hand Grenades: 0-2 range, 3 harm, 0 pen.


Growing Up
Ain’t no Fortunate Son
Miner Threat

Chaius Ordo was born 32 years ago to Landon Ordo, a miner, and Marla Ordo, a factory worker, in the mining town Aureus on the planet Kronin. The family never had a lot of money, but Chaius’s parents never complained and instilled in their son a sense of work ethic. Chaius was a sharp young man, and his parent always expected him to grow up to be an officer in the Kronian Guard. He may well have become one, but his fate was changed the day his father was arrested. Landon had been caught attempting to steal a simple Vidfeed Implant, something that he never would have been able to afford despite his sense of work ethic, so his son could have a few minutes a day of escape from their downtrodden existence by watching the fic-casts. Under the laws of the Kronian Unity Act, this meant execution. The day he had to watch his father dance at the end of a rope was the day that any sense of patriotism within Chaius died.

Starting Out
Fight (for) the power!
Let’s Have a Chat

In his late teens, Chaius learned that he was not alone in his hatred of the Kronian Directorate, the governing body of Kronin. Gaining the trust of the underground Open Source Kronin movement – a freedom-fighter group with a focus on cyber warfare – Chaius developed his computer and oratory skills – he can hack a man’s brain implant to change his mind, but he’d rather do it with talk.

Moment of Crisis
Umm… are you sure that’s a good idea?
Dual Boot

At 30, Chaius assumed leadership of the Open Source Kronin Coalition . Chaius’s first act as leader was assuming control of a Kronin Low Orbit Fleet battery and turning it on the planet, even amidst cries of protest from his officers. Though only intending to hit military targets, hundred of civilians were killed. Chaius deemed this an acceptable loss, as the ensuing chaos and unrest caused much trouble for Chancellor Kentos. Chaius leapt to the top spot on Kronin’s most wanted criminal list. He would not occupy that spot for long.

In a raid on a Kronian Guard weapons cache, Chaius was captured by guards who had been alerted by a mysterious tip-off. Chaius would have met his end at the rope, much like his father, but the powers-that-be wanted to make an example of him. The Kronian Directorate sent him to their top cybernetics facility for “reprogramming”, and one of the most wanted men on the planet was made into a loyal slave. No longer himself, Chaius became known by the unit designator 0xE9B.

Military Training
Swap Partition

Programmed to be have absolute loyalty to the Kronian Directorate, 0xE9B was placed amongst The Watcher. Lacking the resources required for slip-space technology, and being rebuffed on countless occasions when trying to buy it from Szuba-Tai, Kronin relies on Watchers to be their eyes, ears, and occasionally fists in other systems. To accomplish the feat of getting their agents outside of Kronian space and into areas where they may pick up something useful, a law was passed requiring that any ship wishing to trade with Kronin must allow a Watcher on board their craft. Most traders consider this a fair deal: they gain access to the vast tessilica reserves of Kronin and receive a hardened combat and reconnaissance unit to whom they must only provide room and board. For the most part, Watchers keep out of the way, and will usually acquiesce to their captain’s wishes as long as those wishes don’t oppose those of Kronin.

Shortly after his reprogramming and subsequent training, 0XE9B was assigned to the ship Verdia Ilos, a trading vessel and one of the very few slip-space ships owned by a Kronian. The assignment was to be used as a “testing ground” of sorts for 0xE9B – the reprogramming methods employed by Kronin were still new, and it was assumed that any less-than-desirable results would be reported to the Kronian Guard by captain Quintus Sertella, a native of Kronin. Afterwards, if 0xE9B proved effective, he would be assigned to non-Kronian vessels.

The Verdia Ilos’s first stop was Shoal 1 in the Sceptus system, the heart of the Szuba-Tai corporation. Though Kronin mistrusted Szuba-Tai intensely, the lack of formally declared hostilities meant that Kronian traders – what few there were – were still welcomed in Sceptus, albeit with watchful eyes. The visit went over uneventfully, and Chaius performed his job admirably – until, that is, Captain Sertella was preparing the ship for departure. A man in the docking bay, Dr. Elias Barnes, saw the Kronian colors of the Verdia Ilos and flagged down Sertella through the viewport. Dr. Barnes explained that he was wanted by the Szuba-Tai corporation, and requested asylum aboard the vessel. 0xE9B, mindful of the fact that this man could have valuable Szuba-Tai secrets, asked Sertella to accept him aboard, and she did so.

During the flight, Dr. Barnes took notice of the strange behavior of 0xE9B, the hexadecimal name, and the almost machine-like demeanor. He asked Captain Sertella if 0xE9B was a particularly advanced android, to which she responded with details about 0xE9B’s reprogramming. Horrified, and wishing to atone for the ghastly nature of his work with Szuba-Tai, Dr. Barnes snuck into 0xE9B’s quarters one night to attempt a “de-programming”. Everything he tried seemed unsuccessful, so eventually and with a heavy heart, Barnes gave up.

A few moments later, 0xE9B awoke with a start, and uttered:
“Death to Kentos”

On Your Own
Stack Overflow
Kronin’s Making a Note Here, Huge Success

With the trial run over, and everything going off without a hitch as far as Captain Sertella could tell, 0xE9B was removed from the Verdia Ilos to await assignment to a non-Kronian vessel. The Ministry for Kronin Superiority gleefully beheld 0xE9B as a rousing success… but unbeknownst to them, Dr. Barnes’ attempts at deprogramming have left 0xE9B a little… buggy.

The Adventure Begins
0xE9B began his first real Watcher assignment when Dr. Elias Barnes, passing through Kronin in an attempt to reach the High Prelate system and therefore requiring a Watcher, requested 0xE9B specifically. Eager to show off their newly-subservient terrorist mastermind, in a potentially embarrassing situation for Szuba-Tai no less, Kronian Guard High Command accepted. 0xE9B boarded the Flame of Gao Dang and set forth for High Prelate with his new companions Dr. Barnes, Zhang Li Dao, and Sir Osric.

Near the outskirts of Kronian space, the ship came under fire from three unknown ships. While Captain Dao took control of the guns of one of the hostile ships and Dr. Barnes kept the Gao Dang together, 0xE9B assumed the gunnery station and quickly dispatched one of the aggressors. However, a direct hit from what appeared to be the capitol ship of the group disabled the gun and left the Gao Dang adrift without engine power. Seeing few options, 0xE9B donned an EVA suit, grabbed some HE charges, and leapt out of the airlock towards the capitol ship. He managed to land squarely on the ship’s hull, and began setting the charges. However, a malfunction with one of his magboots kept him from escaping to a safe radius, and 0xE9B’s left leg was fractured in in the blast. Nonetheless, the hull breach managed to distract the ship long enough for Dr. Barnes to get all systems up and running on the Gao Dang.

Drawing on his military programming and training, 0x proceeded despite the injury. He quickly pulped several of the aggressors, and was beginning to make his way to the bridge when Captain Dao informed him over commlink that a boarding party was breaching the Gao Dang. 0x headed for the escape pods while Dao locked the capitol ship’s controls on a course for the other remaining enemy ship.

0x arrived back on the Gao Dang to see that Sir Osric has dispatched the aggressors. With all hostiles taken care of, the crew once again set off for the High Prelate system.

As the Gao Dang came through the slipgate, it was immediately hailed by a waiting blockade. The blockade identified themselves as representatives of Szuba-Tai, and, not knowing that their quarry, Sir Osric, was aboard, the Gao Dang was given the opportunity to immediately leave the system.

Dr. Barnes, overwhelmed with fear after hearing the conversation between the man on the radio and Zhang and learning that the enemy blockade was Szuba-Tai, made the mistake of revealing to Zhang that he had patched himself into the comm link and could listen to any communications coming in to the ship. Barnes’ subversion infuriated Zhang, and he ran down to the engine room to confront the doctor.

Upon hearing the heated argument from below decks, 0x went to the engine room to investigate. Zhang was moments from shooting Barnes, Osric had arrived to attempt to bring peace between them, and all the while Szuba-Tai’s time limit on leaving the system was ticking.

0x collapsed. A moment later, Chaius woke up. On a strange ship, gigantic assault rifle strapped to his back, and with lots of angry yelling men, Chaius was baffled and afraid. After his requests for information went unheeded by the squabbling mass that was paying him no mind, Chaius yelled, “WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!”

This behavior from their normally stoic watcher got everyone to shut up. Through bits of conversation from the very confused crew Chaius gleaned that, after being apprehended at the weapons cache, the Kronian Directorate had reprogrammed him to be a Watcher, and that Dr. Barnes had attempted to “deprogram” Chaius in an earlier meeting. While attempting to learn more, Chaius promptly froze up, and, all of the sudden, 0x was back.

The rest of the crew did not mention any of the outburst to 0x, but resolved to keep an eye on this… unusual Watcher. Conversation returned to the Szuba-Tai blockade. 0x, learning that Kronin’s enemy had established a presence in this system, was eager to do as much harm to them as possible. Osric wished to push on towards High Prelate. Dr Barnes and Zhang both wanted to get as far away as possible immediately. Zhang, still enraged with Barnes, decided to head back to the Shoals to get Barnes the hell off of his ship. Osric and 0x relented and let Zhang pilot them from the system, but only under the assumption that they would later be returning far better prepared to take on Szuba-tai.

After a brief stop at Kronin to refuel, during which 0x reported the Szuba-tai presence in High Prelate to Kronian High Command, the Gao Dang reached the Shoals. While docked, Zhang disembarked to find a public terminal from which to wire some credits to his family, and 0x, always watchful, wandered after him.

At the public terminal, Zhang received an odd message from a person claiming to be his sister. She asked him to meet her at a nearby bar. Not wanting the Watcher to follow him, Zhang sent 0x to find a made-up bar.

At the bar, Zhang met up with the mysterious messenger, who did in fact turn out to be his sister. She had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd, and needed Zhang’s help to keep nano-explosives in her blood stream, injected by some bad fellows that didn’t much care for her, from killing her. To save her, Zhang would have to retrieve a specific cargo from a heavily-guarded warehouse, and despite his intentions of getting rid of them, he knew just the bunch of idiots that could help.

0xE9B (Chaius Ordo)

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